About Blue Noun

   In 2018, Ruth Pringle and Kenny Graham started Blue Noun in Crieff, Scotland.  

Ruth, a trained Artist and ESL Language Teacher and Kenny a Pharmacist both fell in love with the Strathearn Region. They recognised the friendly Highland town of Crieff  (which  attracts tourists from all over the world for its landscape) as a hot bed for artists, micro-industries and pioneering eco-agriculture - all of which could become a living classroom for international learners wishing to learn professional English skills in interesting professional contexts. 
Ruth, who taught English within traditional and non-traditional language schools for 10 years, had a clear idea for a new kind of learning experience, fusing  attributes of four different, well established language learning methods: the traditional language school class (successful because of its structure and discipline); the language café (successful because it is an agreeable, relaxing experience that actually people want to be in); the homestay (the belief that being hosted by your teacher is a friendly, useful cultural exchange) and the immersion programme (the concept of placing learners within a large number of new language contexts created by exploring and participating in the local environment).
They then found the remarkable Blue Flax café building:  a gorgeously renovated 19th century church - which is ideal for language learners to share a coffee, eat together, relax with a newspaper or complete a bit of remote work on a laptop while enjoying a glass of wine / music in the evening. 
Very simply, we own a large, generous space where our clients can feel both welcomed by hosts and free to spend  social time – and even alone time - as they wish.
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