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vivre l’apprentissage de la langue

Homestay Hosts
We are proud of our fabulous Homestay Hosts.
Friendliness and hospitality are renown Scottish traits - and you will find our Homestay Hosts are  proof of this. 
As well as offering you a comfortable room for the night, our hosts want to spend a bit of time with you, share good times together and be a part of your holiday experience.
Quite simply, our Homestay Hosts are selected to be part of a big Blue Noun family, ready to welcome you to our part of the world.
Keith and Fiona
Meet Keith and Fiona - as well as being retired/ semi-retired professionals, they are makers of amazing pancakes and lovers of art and music. 
Both volunteer at the fantastic Strathearn Artspace (which is right next door to Blue Noun). 
Their home is beautiful, just minutes away from our school - and they’d love to be Homestay Host during your Blue Noun language course!
Dale and Bob 
Dale and Bob live in a 3 story flat with a turret!
They are both semi-retired professionals now turning their hand to all kinds of interesting projects. They love meeting interesting people.
 Their home is remarkable, just across the road from our school (no excuse to late here!)
They’d love to be Homestay Host during your Blue Noun language course!
Mhairi’s house is full of charm and peace. It’s a beautiful old Victorian villa, with comfortable bedrooms and a luscious garden and some fabulous art. She lives with her husband and two teenage children (and two cats).
Mhairi is a skilled cook -with vegan food her speciality! It's a fun, creative household!
They’d love to be Homestay Host during your Blue Noun language course!
Daisy (and Moss!)
Daisy lives in the beautiful St Fillans, a village on the edge of Loch Earn and surrounded by tall mountains. 
Although 20 miles away, Crieff is easily reached by bus from St Fillans, and Daisy has also offered a little help with transportation for her guests.
We’ll get you to class on time! 
Daisy and Moss live in a beautiful home. Her guest bedroom is a self contained little bedsit, with private entrance (which opens onto some magnificent views!).
She’d love to host you on your Language course with Blue Noun and would be a great person to develop your language skills with too. 
Aileen, Nick and the Fir Tree Guest House