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Blue Noun's Haunted House

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

This year for Halloween we turned Blue Noun English Language School into a Haunted House, for families in Crieff to pop in for a scaring!

Like all good plans, it started with a cuppa (and some cute scary cakes from Campbell's Bakery).

It was a great fun day ‘spooking up’ the place, with great ideas for gruesome decor (so much of it made possible with trips to the wonderful Remakes Scotland scrap store).

The evening itself was completely social distanced, with families passing though one at a time, their torches lighting up the juxtaposition of gore and Haribo that is so particular to a young person’s Halloween.

The weather was wild, and I found it all quite spooky, although the feedback from some much hardier 6 year olds was that it should have had so much more blood - maybe even real blood.

At the top of this page is an edit of footage of our Haunted House: it’s my first horror film edit - and although it was fun doing it, I think I’ll leave it to the professionals! I just don’t have the stomach for it!

Next year, when we’re allowed to teach our usual group of 4 English learners again we’ll do it bigger and better and have a right spooky costume party afterwards.

As a language school we are all about looking for fun, creative ways to mix our language learners and community together for authentic language learning and cultural exchanges.

In other news, I quite accidentally discovered how to do double exposures on my digital camera - which I hadn’t known was even possible.

Here’s some double pumpkin shots, dedicated to anyone who’s spent time today clearing soggy ghosts out their gardens (especially if they blew in from one of your neighbours), risking life and limb up a ladder to untangle spiderwebs from light fittings or humfing empty pumpkins out to the bin.

Oh wait, that’s me. And I’ve got some blood stains to mop up and a body to dismember. Not a glamorous day - but happily it’s the first time I’ve had cause to type that.

Thank you everyone who made their place look spooky for the kids who couldn’t go out guising this year. There’s much that’s truly terrifying at the moment, it’s great for kids to get the excitement of pretend-scared.

Oh, and my little Fire Fairy can fly!

Live language learning!

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